To Enroll In Electronic Statements

Click here to download a pdf of these instructions

Log in to INternet Banking

Select the account that you would like to begin receiving electronic statements for

Step 2 - Select your account.png

If you are using a web browser, click on Statements

Step 3 - Click on Statments.png

If you are using our mobile app or a mobile phone, click on SERVICES

Step 3a - Mobile Phone Select Services.png

Then Click on Statements

Step 3b - Mobile Phone Click on Statements.png

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on VIEW TEST DOCUMENT

Step 4 - Scroll to bottom of agreement, click view test documnet.png

Step 5: Click None

Step 5 - Click where indicated.png

Click on Statements  

Step 6 - Click Here.png

Click to Accept Terms

Step 7 - Click to Accept Terms.png

You are now enrolled in Electronic Statements.  

Step 8 - View Statements.png