5 Of the Best Free Antivirus Programs to Keep You and Your Mac Safe

Once upon a time, Apple even used the lack of viruses as a marketing tool to sell more Macs. In a company marketing web page titled, “Why You’ll Love a Mac” (no longer exists) the language was once quite clear, “Apple’s OS X doesn’t get PC viruses.” Somewhere around 2012, that message changed to “It’s built to be safe.”  The update itself happened shortly after nearly 600,000 Macs were infected with a trojan named “Flashback,” and although this wasn’t the first time Macs were targeted, it was certainly the largest. This security breach led Apple, and Mac users, to understand that they were in no means immune to viruses or malware.

While large scale viruses are still a rarity among Mac users, that doesn’t lessen the need for smart antivirus software in order to help you recognize, and react to possible infections. Here are five smart (and free) choices to keep your machine free from viruses and malware.

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