How to Setup Mobile Banking on a Non Smart Phone (Flip Phone)

Step 1

  • Open your web browser
  • Go to
  • Type your Netteller user name or number 
  • Click "Bank NOW"

Step 2

  1. Check to make sure the watermark displayed is the one you chose when setting up NetTeller
  2. Enter your NetTeller password
  3. Click on the submit button

Step 3

Click Options

Step 4

  1. Enter you mobile number
  2. Click "Carrier Search" to select your carrier
  3. Click on "Mobile Settings"

Step 5

Click on "Text Mobile Settings"

Step 6

  1. Click Enable web access for your mobile device
  2. Accept Phenix-Girard Bank Text Banking Terms & Conditions
  3. Enter to Mobile Phone Number
  4. Select your wireless provider
  5. Choose the accounts you wish to appear in mobile banking
  6. Enter a Mobile Short Name
  7. Click "Confirm"

Step 7

Make sure that all settings are correct and click "confirm"

Step 8

Reply "yes" to the text message sent to your mobile device

Step 9

Text "Bal" to 89549 to request balances on all enrolled accounts

Text Bal "Mobile Short Name" to request balance information for a specific account

Step 10

Text Hist to request last four transactions for all enrolled accounts. 

Text Hist <Mobile Short Name> to request last four transactions for a specific account.

Valid SMS Message

Help Returns command references. 

Bal - Returns balance for all enrolled accounts. 

Bal <mobile short name> - Returns balance for specified account. 

Hist - Returns last 4 transactions for all enrolled accounts. 

Hist <mobile short name> - Returns last 4 transactions for specified account. 

Stop- Disables enrollment for text Mobile Banking.