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Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips for Students

Your actions online can impact the safety and security of you, your friends, your family and the entire FSU community. Here are ten tips to help you—and everyone around you—stay cybersafe.  Click here for the Tips.

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11 Cyber Security Tips for the Holidays

E-commerce growth is expected to grow by 9.4% by 2024; by 2027, it’s forecasted to hit a whopping $8 trillion for the first time. More people shopping online means more opportunities for cyber criminals to strike. In fact, there’s a growing trend of cyber scams taking place during the holiday shopping spree. As we all […]

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10 Personal Cybersecurity Too

With these ten personal cyber security tips, we are aiming to help our customers become more cyber aware. Please click here to read further.

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Columbus Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit warns against “Grandparent Scams”

The Columbus Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit has issued a warning about grandparent scams. In these scams, fraudsters target elderly individuals by pretending to be their grandchildren in distress and asking for money. The scammers use emotional manipulation to exploit the victims’ goodwill and get them to send money. The police department is advising the […]

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How to work from home safely: Cybersecurity tips, liability and more

If your kitchen table has recently become your office desk, you’re not alone. Remote work has become a reality for many during COVID-19, and while stress around daily commutes is down, dialing in from home comes with its own set of challenges. “Zoom bombers” or screaming kids aren’t just nuisances on video conferences — they’re […]

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