Internet Banking




YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL ASKING FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION OR AN URGENT REQUEST. Fear is often used to make you act before you think. Do not reply or click on any links. Forward the email to and delete the original.

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YOU RECEIVE A MESSAGE FROM SOMEONE CLAIMING TO BE YOUR LOVED ONE SAYING THEY ARE IN TROUBLE AND ASKING YOU TO SEND CASH Never send money until you can verify (talk to!) the recipient. Chances are, your sister didn’t go on a trip to Mexico you didn’t know about, so she’s not in a Mexican prison.

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YOU RECEIVE A MESSAGE THAT YOU ARE THE WINNER IN A LOTTERY OR SWEEPSTAKES AND NEED TO SEND MONEY TO COLLECT YOUR WINNINGS True sweepstakes & lottery winnings do not require you to send money – or Itunes cards – to increase your chances of winning or collect your prizes. Delete the message.

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YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM A NIGERIAN PRINCE, ASKING YOU TO HELP RECOVER A LARGE SUM OF MONEY AND NEEDING YOUR ACCOUNT TO COVER FEES 100% of the time, this is a scam. In fact, it is one of the oldest email scams out there. Never provide your financial information via email.

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 YOU GET TO KNOW SOMEONE ONLINE AND ONCE YOU FEEL AS THOUGH YOU’VE REALLY MADE A CONNECTION, THEY ASK YOU TO SEND MONEY Never send money to someone you have not met in person. Your online paramour may be a lovely person, but they also may be someone sitting in a cubicle on the opposite side of […]

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