Internet Banking

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How We Post Your Checks


First, we post all deposits and other credits to your account before checks/debits/withdrawals.

We then post any checks that have been cashed at a teller window from the smallest dollar amount to the largest dollar amount.

Third, we post any deposit correction debits as posted from the smallest dollar amount to the largest dollar amount.

Fourth, Debit card, ATM card and recurring debit transactions are posted in the order in which they are received, in the event that two transactions are received at the same time, priority will be given tosignature debits, pinned debits, recurring debit transactions and ATM withdrawals in that order.

Finally, the following types of categories of items are posted to your account and indicated below. All are posted from smallest dollar value to largest dollar value within the following categories:

  1. Wire debit and wire transfer
  2. Return item fee
  3. Sweeps
  4. Service charges
  5. Automated Funds Transfers
  6. ACH debits
  7. Bill payments and Internet Banking transfers
  8. Christmas Club debits
  9. Debit memos
  10. Checks deposited at the Bank
  11. Checks that have neither been cashed or deposited at the Bank.

The above categories are only examples and do not include all types of withdrawals that may be processed on your account.


We have the right (at any time, in our sole discretion and without notice to you) to change the categories in which we process transactions, to change the sequence of the categories, and/or to change the order or processing transactions within one or more categories.