Internet Banking

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Help me to Login to Internet Banking After Receiving an Invite

If you are having problems signing in to Internet Banking a customer service representative may send you and invite to join Internet Banking.

If we have the correct email on file, you should receive the following email.

Diagram of email inside inbox with the title "Internet Banking Setup" which will contain the invite to Digital Banking

Open the email,

diagram of email directing the user to click the provided link associated with Internet Banking Setup for application

The following page page will be displayed in your web browser.

Diagram of application invite screen where a security code is requested via input

You will be provided a security code by a customer service representative.


That code will be your existing user ID plus the last four digits of your social security number (Employee Identification Number for business accounts). For example, if your login (user) name is JDOE and the last four digits of your SSN or EIN are 1234, your new password is JDOE1234 or a bank representative will provide you one

Click on “Continue”

Diagram of application screen to 1. input the provided security code the security code field 2. select continue button at the bottom of the screen when complete

You will need to type a new password. The password must eight characters, having a lowercase, uppercase, special character and a number.

Confirm the password by typing it in the CONFIRM PASSWORD field, click the “UPDATE” button

Diagram of application screen for updating password by typing your current password 1. then adding new password to first input 2. adding confirmed password to second input 3. selecting 'update' button at the bottom of the application screen to complete

Click to select your first security question

Diagram of application screen to direct users to click security questions to begin editing them


Choose your Security Questions

Diagram of application screen to choose from a list of presented security questions to use are security questions for your account

Type in security answers,
1. Then repeat the process for the remaining questions and answers
2. Click “UPDATE”

diagram of application security questions screen 1. update the three inputs for security question answers 2. select 'update' button at bottom of application screen when done to complete the update

The following functions are available

  1. Select this option to view all of your accounts
  2. Use this to pay bills using Phenix-Girard’s Bill Pay Service or (if authorized) transfer money between accounts at different banks
  3. If you are using our Mobile Banking App, you can select this option to remotely deposit your check if your account is authorized to do so
  4. Helps you find Phenix-Girard Branches and ATMs
  5. Send and read messages to or from Phenix-Girard
  6. Setup and manage alerts
  7. See available financial reports
  8. View and retrieve bank statements
  9. Log Out of Phenix-Girard Internet Banking
Diagram of application home screen with breakdown of menu items available in the application from top to bottom 1. View Accounts 2. Move Money 3. Deposit Checks 4. Find Location 5. Messages 6. Manage Alerts 7. Report 8. Documents 9. Log Out